Thursday, August 22, 2013

More than just Daisies!

Call me biased, but to me, all flowers are beautiful. 
 For instance, I don't discriminate against carnations.
(What's not to love about these royal purple shades?)
Nor do I poo-poo Hydrangea, as Madonna once famously did.
The multitude of colors now available make them worthy of respect.
 But being around flowers all day, I do love something unusual.
And believe me, there are lots of unusual blooms out there!

For instance, just this week, we've received bouquets of tropicals,
and they included bunches of mini bananas! Some even had fun globes of loofah.

Ornamental Kale is fun, and with the beautiful shapes and colors,
they could almost stand in for roses!

There are new lilies coming out all the time, such as this double Oriental.

I love Green Trick, which could easily be mistaken for a ball of moss,
but it actually a close relative of the carnation.
The only giveaway is the stem...they look exactly alike.
Perfect for adding that pop of green and wonderful texture to an arrangement.

Pincushion Protea is another favorite.
Native to South Africa, they are now also being grown in California and Holland.
This is a great bloom to submerge underwater for events.

Helicona is a flower that you will never find at grocery store flower departments,
and it is a true find for its sheer size.
There are many varieties, from smaller simple heads to very long,
dramatic hanging bracts such as this "Lobster Claw" variety.

How about the hanging amaranthus? Available in lime green and burgundy,
I can only describe the feel of these as chenille.
We've had some arrive as long as 4 feet-truly impressive!
Gardeners may know it as Love Lies Bleeding.

Mini pineapples are great, too.
 They are tiny and so should be used where they won't be lost among the crowd,
but they are a fun surprise to discover in a bouquet.

We can't forget the Rainbow Rose!
It's not for everyone, but it is fun with a capital F!
 These are not painted roses; the multi-coloring happens through a complicated process
of uptaking different dyes.
And they are available in lots of different color combinations.
Next time you are in the market for a floral arrangement, ask your florist what's new!
You might just discover a new favorite.

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