Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blooms Because...

Just about everyone sends or buys flowers when someone is sick, has a baby, gets married, or passes away. (Or as it used to be known: "Hatched, Matched, and Dispatched"). But there are certainly lots more reasons to send or give flowers!

* Make a dormroom feel like home. Your college age student may be on his or her own for the first time. Why not send a fun bouquet as a reminder of home? A good florist (Bloomers!) could tailor an arrangement to your teen's interests, such as a sports team or favorite activity.

*Break A Leg: Perhaps your friend or neighbor is acting in a local production-send flowers with a note saying Break a Leg- he or she will feel like a real star!

*To be daring: go ahead, step out of your comfort zone! Have you met someone you'd like to get to know better? What better way than over a cup of coffee, accompanied by a beautiful bouquet you just surprised him or her with!

*Because he's a he! Think men don't like flowers? Think again! Because it's so unexpected, men love receiving flowers, especially when there's no reason at all. And flowers don't have to be 'girly'! Fall is a great time for a masculine basket of sunflowers and feather accents.

*To thank someone. Has someone helped you out of a jam recently? Flowers are a thoughtful way to say you appreciate their efforts.

*Housesitting: Are you watching a home for someone? Why not bring over a gorgeous "welcome home"bouquet in time for their arrival? Or, if you are the one on vacation, leave a beautiful bunch on your kitchen counter for the housesitters to take home with them. (and to remind them to come back!)

*The Office Cubicle : Do you spend your days in a windowless cubicle? You need flowers-a cheerful bouquet goes a long way towards lifting your mood!

* Brighten the guest bathroom for visitors: Flowers in the guest bedroom are almost expected, but they will be a pleasant surprise in the bathroom!

*For no reason at all: When did we get the impression that flowers are just for 'special' occasions? Europeans know that flowers make daily life just a little nicer, and they consider a weekly bouquet as a must! Bloomers or stop in for something special, anyday!

*What are some of your ideas?

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