Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wearing Their Flowers

The Chelsea, England Flower Show is one annual event that every serious or wannabe gardener longs to attend. Easily the world's most famous flower show, it is a multi-day extravaganza of new plant introductions, envy-inducing wonders of garden design, and hundreds of flowers we want for our own gardens.

But another show that goes on at the same time is the fashion! The floral hats parading around the grounds during the show are serious competition for the ones standing still. Some of these are true marvels of construction, and can often be weighty, both in terms of actually wearing them, and in cost...often over $1000!

The Chelsea Show
also holds a competition for hat-themed floral arrangements, such as these two zany concoctions, right and left.

Queen Elizabeth was particularly inspired by the hats this year, and is said to be considering having one designed for her annual appearance at Ascot. As she is accustomed to wearing heavy headgear, she'll have no trouble balancing one of these floral beauties!

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