Monday, September 14, 2009

Darling Dahlias

With fall just around the corner, more customers are asking for that gorgeous flower, the Dahlia, either for wedding flowers or as part of a flower arrangement. In the Language of Flowers, the Dahlia signifies dignity, elegance and good taste. Here's a bit more information on these fabulous blooms.

The Dahlia starts life as a tuber, eventually greening up into bushes of varying heights throughout the summer, depending on the variety. The flowers begin to appear in late summer and into the fall. Native to the plateaus of Mexico, they prefer cool nights (not easy to achieve in these parts!) so should be mulched well. To achieve fewer, but larger Dahlia blooms, pinch out the center bud when it appears.

There are just so many varieties of Dahlia to choose from it will make your head spin: single, ball, pom-pom, cactus, dinnerplate and water lily, to name just a few. Some are borne on tiny bushes; others tower over everything in your garden. The colors range from white and the palest pastels, to deep burgundy that could almost pass for black, and also some bi-colors. The dinnerplate variety is my personal favorite, and so named because of it's size-the bloom can reach a foot across!

Dahlias are a popular, long-lasting choice for wedding flowers. Look at these gorgeous bridal bouquets composed of nothing but Dahlias! Availability is generally from June to October.

To see a great variety of Dahlias, visit the Freelander Dahlia Garden in Clyde, North Carolina. This garden boasts 250 types!

If you are just mad for Dahlias and want to learn more, visit the Dahlia Society at : And to send a gorgeous bouquet of Dahlias to brighten someone's day, call Bloomers!

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