Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art in Bloom

Art museums are always on the lookout for an event that will prove to be a successful fundraising event. One of the most popular is usually called something along the lines of "Art in Bloom", where local gardening groups are invited to design a floral arrangement to compliment a particular piece of art, be it a painting or a sculpture. This may sound like a fairly simple exercise, but as you'll see here, the outcomes are as varied as the art itself!

This design (above) is very successful. The designer has extracted the two strongest parts of this artwork: shape and color, and then interpreted both with flowers. Well done!

This next example is very pleasing. As in the artwork itself, the colors are soft and muted. The most powerful element of the painting is the waterfall, and this designer chose white Orchids to successfully interpret the color and movement. Curly willow, Kangaroo Paw and ferns add to the rhythm.

This large-scale design is very daring. The designer has chosen to interpret the set of woodcuts behind it very fact, only 2 floral elements are present. The unifying piece is the aluminum banding holding the grasses in place. A very unique and successful design.

This next exhibit is perhaps more expected and literal. The designer focuses on the hat in the painting, and rather than interpret it in flowers, she added in an actual hat, accompanied by blue fabric. She also brought in seashells as a nod to the painting's location at the shore.
The assortment of flowers seems a bit random.

This final design is stunning...the simplicity of the artwork is interpreted in the strong linear placement of the flowers. This designer chose Gladiolus, placed at sharp angles. And notice the cube of Daisy Mums placed to the right, echoing the white space in the art. Very effective.

You may not have an art museum you'd like to decorate, but Bloomers can design something wonderful for your next event!

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