Monday, June 14, 2010

Floral Beer for Dad

Father's Day is right around the corner. What to give Dad this year?
Not another tie, I hope!
As a florist, I would of course advocate for a beautiful floral arrangement, but failing that, consider a gift of floral beers. Most beers are crafted primarily from hops, which are the flower clusters of the hop plant. Prior to their widespread use around the 11th century, bitter herbs and flowers such as marigold, heather, ground ivy and dandelion were used for flavoring.
Today, brewers the world over are using flowers in new and unexpected
combinations to craft their beer.

The Southampton Brewery on Long Island crafts a tart beer with a blend of chamomile, rose hips, marigold and lavender. Named "Cuvee des Fleurs" which appropriately enough means "Vintage of the Flowers", it brings to mind a lovely summer meadow!

Scotland is famous for heather, and Williams Bros. Brewing has produced an anniversary ale in honor of it's 20th birthday, called Fraoch Ale. "Fraoch" is Gaelic for heather, and these brewers add the heather flowers to the boiling malt, resulting in a spicy, herbal flavor.

Delaware's Dogfish Head brewery has taken a cue from China,
reinterpreting a 9000 year old beverage made from chrysanthemums and wildflower honey.
The resulting Chateau Jiahu is sweet and complex.

While Bloomers does not sell beer, we do have lots of ideas for flowers for Dad.
Try sending a gorgeous custom-made bouquet, guaranteed to delight!

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