Monday, June 7, 2010

June is National Rose Month

If you are one of those people who feels there needs to be a reason to give roses, then look no further than National Rose Month!

Roses have always represented beauty and love, but there is other symbolism associated with them, and not just the red roses. White roses are linked to the Virgin Mary, who was known as 'the rose without thorns". White roses also are associated with death, but more commonly today stand for purity and innocence.

When giving or sending a gift of roses, people generally think of the traditional "dozen in a vase":
12 roses, accented with greens and baby's breath, with a bow around the neck of the vase. While this can be lovely when done properly, there are many more options available now. When talking with your florist, ask what she can do to make that dozen new and fresh! This arrangement (left) is stunning: an interesting use of leaves and greens, a modern container, all to highlight the gorgeous roses!

To mark National Rose Month for yourself, why not plant a new rose bush in your garden?

Or send yourself a gorgeous rose bouquet in an interesting color, such as lavender or the beautiful bi-colors we have available to us now.

Take roses to an elderly friend or neighbor who doesn't get out much. Such a simple gesture can mean so much to someone!

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Terry Simmons said...

Debra, lovely blog post about Roses and June/Rose month... truly lovely. Terry.